Customer Reviews

Mr Clark


Mr Wilson

I'm know on my second Dmax and opted for the auto box this time as we find it easier for towing, this is when you realise the full potential of the Dmax as it tows effortlessly and is so stable at all times,we also have 4dogs and find with the canopy the dogs are safe and we can keep the cab clean for everyday use, so this suits our use of the multipurpose Dmax. The engine is great with loads of torque and fantastic reliability and good on fuel for a large vehicle,  also very comfortable on long and short journeys so without a doubt I would recommend anyone to have a test drive I'm sure you won't be disappointed. 

Mr Close

Well thought out with a comfortable interior feel to it. The exterior with a colour coded leisure top makes it stand out from the crowd. No trucky feel to this pickup but you know it will perform as required in any setting.

Mrs Jupe

I bought my first Isuzu truck in 2011 , I had looked at a few different makes and found the seating position for me at 5"8' ideal, where another well known make was not supporting my torso, being a 'mere woman' I did do some prior investigating into chassis frames, rusting and body type, because I have been known to buy a car because I liked the colour !  And found that these were rugged and well designed and being a hairdresser I didn't feel like it was just a builders vehicle, the interior is well designed, with Bluetooth connectivity for my phone, the sound system is great having four or more speakers so I can play my music loud enough to drown out my singing and it is smart enough having leather seats to take out with my friends on social occasions. Getting down to the nitty gritty I have had trouble free motoring in all weathers , living on top of Dartmoor you never know what the weather is going to throw at you, of course having 4 wheeled drive which you can change 'on the fly' see I know a few things now, I feel safe on snow and ice , I also tow a 14ft cattle trailer , sometimes with my horse and carriage on board and sometimes with bullocks to market, and having the automatic model you would never know you have a trailer on the back , I can even reverse using my mirrors!! Which surprises a lot of people ! I have just changed to a brand new truck , mine is the new Utah model which has a few new buttons which I am still learning about, I would recommend anyone thinking about purchasing a truck to definitely give one of these a go you won't be disappointed  , 

Mrs Mackney

brilliant truck for off road (with proper mud tyres) and on road, however extremely thirsty (be prepared to tow a petrol pump with you)
have had everything including the kitchen sink in mine from dogs and sheep to hay straw feed and pallets
massive towing ability although that may change with the new smaller engine
check and double check the installation of the lock and roll...... neither of mine have ever worked properly despite being fiddled with and replaced  

Mr Morgan

Really impressed with my D-max so far as it does exactly what it says on the tin. It will tow a loaded trailer of livestock effortlessly without having to work the vehicle too had, drives well when empty. I manage to get 33-35mpg knocking around locally but on longer runs can get 38-40 mpg with a gentle right foot.
I have had issues with the rear leaf spring suspension rubbing together cause a tweeting noise, this was fixed under warranty after a 2 week wait for parts.

Great truck to own, would suggest the key throb button needs to have stronger springs as too easy to knock them locking/unlocking vehicle accidently.

Also not a fan of the material the plastic is made from inside as this can get marked easily with footwear when getting in and out.

Mr Coates

The truck is perfect for me, with a rear canopy fitter it is perfect for me to transport my gundogs which I train work and compete with.
The Back is fully fitted out with cages and draws.
In the two years I have owned the truck I have done 24,000 reliable miles, comfortable ride and expectable fuel consumption.
Reliability has been good, service from the Isuzu dealership has been efficient and hassle free.

Mr Hunter

I chose the D Max for its comfort and ride quality also its finish. It is not a complicated cab and the dash controls are simple and effective. However you can have a boat load of extras if you require them.
I am very pleased with attaining an average of 42mpg while cruising at 70mph on the motorway.
I would recommend the D Max to any one.

Mrs Beasley

Even though I love my 2002 Isuzu TF for its reliability and long service this new D Max ticks all the boxes for comfort, gizmo technology and that Queen of the Road feeling! 

Mr Kilgour

Having had the last model of D-Max, the 2.4lt engine i wasn't sure if the 1.9lt would do the job but so far so good. I bought the utah with and auto box so had to get used to that also. It's a delight to drive both on short hops and for longer distances. I tow 3.5t a lot so it was interesting to see the difference between old and new and so far been pleasantly surprised.
There are 1 or 2 irritating things that have been changed from the old model. The reversing camera is no good up on the door as you don't get a good view of the trailer hitch, there is no CD player in the new consul and the radio is not as good due to there not being a proper aerial but one of these fin type aerials instead.
Other than that i have no worries about it doing it's intended job.

Mr Chambers

I like the vehicle, especially the interior and all of the electrical gadgets. 
However, if I had an area for improvement I would suggest the reversing indicators located on the rear of the vehicle are too close to the ground, and thus become dirty far too easily making the reverse beeper not of use.